KravMaga Military forces

The IKM Combat Training Division offers a training program that was designed specifically to answer the needs of soldiers and operatives of military units and Special Forces and all others who wish to gain skills in this field of activity in order to provide them the tools to operate in the challenging reality of their line of duty.

The program deals not only with the combat skills, but also provides critical knowledge regarding the threats facing us today and the methods being used in order to prevent such threats.

The IKM Military training program includes the following topics:

1. Threat Identification and alertness
IKM believes that in order to fight terror activity and defend your country effectively, high level combat skills have to go side by side with the critical knowledge of identifying threats and alertness that in many incidents may prevent a hostile activity in its initial stages.
During training, we will share suspect identification techniques, suspicious signs, questioning methods, preventive behaviour and deal with a number of terror threats such as suicide bombing and more.

2. Weaponss Training
Starting with the basics, IKM firearms training includes the tactical use of pistols, sub-machine guns and rifles in different types of scenarios and environments. IKM instructors will provide a wide range of armed combat techniques while using realistic scenarios and extensive training methods.

3. Krav Maga
During training we will cover a large number of Krav Maga techniques while focusing on the way they are being use in military work.
We will also practice Realistic scenarios, under stress drills and more. We will especially train on counter techniques against armed and non-armed attacks while operating with full gear and weapons.
A critical topic we will cover is the close range response using KM techniques in order to gain time and distance to use our weapons.

4. Military Tactics
The Military tactics training program includes a number of subjects all related to the actual operational needs of soldiers and SF operatives.
During training we will provide tactical solutions to a variety of operational situations such as sweeping a hostile area, moving with a weapon, opening corners and using covers, search and secure suspects and more.

5. Tactical Drills
Reality based tactical drills which include a large number of scenarios that will test the knowledge earned during training while combining all combat components such as:
  • Military Tactics
  • Krav Maga
  • Rapid response and more.

All In order to simulate reality at the max.